Before I was born, I was a dragon. A beautiful, aquamarine dragon. My name was Farrah. I had a sleek neck and a slim body. I had powerful wings and body. With claws as sharp as spears, skill as good as a trained warrior, and a heart as pure as a crystal stream, I was one of the most respected dragons on Almendor.

I lived in a huge cave behind a glistening waterfall, in the side of a large mountain, with a gorgeous forest below. The forest was home to many different creatures, from brimbees to pegasi. The mountain I lived in also housed other dragons, some of witch were my friends. The mountain was large and dotted with trees.

I would wake up in the morning and wash off in the water fall, then get ready for my morning flight. As I’m soaring above the forest, looking for breakfast, I would usually spot one of my friends, and we would hunt together. In the afternoon, we’d go to a secret pool in front of a waterfall. In the evening, I would hunt for dinner. After eating I would wash off in the cool waterfall and then read until I fell asleep, dreaming of what I’d just read.