Summer Arts was founded to encourage young people to raise their reading, writing, computer and public speaking skills through original works of creative writing and performing arts and in collaboration with others. By helping students hone a range of artistic, communication and interpretive skills, we work to increase the depth of their artistic possibilities through the scope of hands-on experience. With this in mind, we believe that artistic activities have inherent value to cultivate creative and critical thinking and inspire and motivate the work that emerging talent requires. Through these efforts, we believe the arts address the issue of closing the achievement gap.

At Summer Arts Camp we provide students with:

  • A place to perform their work and to publish their writing (part of an anthology) in a climate of high expectations for success with access limited to camp participants, instructors and UNC staff;
  • Multiple opportunities to choose and participate out of a genuine desire to work on their own performance and writing skills, and get response from instructors and peers in the camp;
  • The opportunity to express themselves through writing and performing for the community, instead of trying to guess what a specific teacher wants;
  • Camp instructors experienced in facilitating writing and performance workshops that challenge students to achieve their full potential; and
  • A place for reflection, dialogue and sharing of the creative process that enables them to take the experience in the camp with them to succeed in the world, through the arts, and help build a better community.